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 "An actor should try to play the mystery of his own life, to bring out what is hidden inside. We don't go to the theater to run away from ourselves, but on the contrary to reconnect with the mystery that is ourselves,, . 


                          Alejandro Jodorowsky



She works as a performer, dancer and mime in the theater. She is the author of her own original and co-authored performances, either as part of movement collaboration or creating theater concepts.

V divadle pôsobí ako performerka, tanečnica a mímka. Je autorkou vlastných autorských a spoluautorských predstavení, a to buď v rámci pohybovej spolupráce alebo vytvárania divadelných konceptov.

Not take prayer Bora Debnarova Jindriska Krivankova_edited.jpg


A significant element that creates the form of the performance is the breath, the so-called Breath alchemy close to the principles of holotropic breathing. Using the breath technique, female performers find a way to open their own consciousness directly on stage in front of the audience.

The Not take prayer project is looking for a way to create a certain mood for the expression of prayer through the body on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

It explores the possibilities of maintaining an active relationship with oneself, being present in spirit and attentive in contact with the environment.





Idea: Bora Debnárová

Concept/choreography/dance: Jindřiška Křivánková, Bora Debnárov

Sound/vocal/music: RRRR +A

Costume designer: Andrijana Trpković

Special thanks to: Kornélia Šrámková, Karlos Šimek


The performance was created in co-production with Akropolis Palace and Tantehorse as part of the Emergency Dances project. The implementation of the research was supported from public sources in the form of a scholarship by the Art Support Fund.


Bora Debnarova Ondrej Lipovský_edited.jpg

Idea: Ondrej Lipovský

Concept, Choreografia, dance: Bora Debnárová, Ondrej Lipovský


It is a theater of constructed excitement, a theater of the science of life, based on fleeting and ephemeral irregularities.

The theme of the project is based on the oldest form of Chinese characters preserved on the turtle's back. Of the signs that carry their meaning and are the content of the Taote ting.

The show works with signs in their suggestive power, pointing out the need for a relationship. About the power to stay, to be able to see yourself and stay.

Maintain interpersonal, partner, family, friendly relationships…



Bora Debnarová Uroboros_edited.jpg


The story of a mythical being who longs to continue…


"A strong movement statement filled with sadness and joy. A dizzying spiral of feelings in which the feeling of futility turns into determination and new hope." (Divadelné Noviny,


"The performance really gives the impression that the viewer was present at a ritual from another world and time."


 "As a viewer, I understood from this that a person who follows the path of a fighting soul and who accepts life as it comes and does not try to run away from it, but to meet it, can go one step further and thereby awakens vital energy."




Idea, concept, dance: Bora Debnárová

Dramaturgy: RRRR+A

Light dizaj: David Prokopoč

Sound: Václav Hruška 

Supervize: Claire Heggen, Radim Vizváry

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