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The courses and lessons that I offer as a lecturer are focused on self-knowledge through the body. As a lecturer of movement, it is based on the anatomy of the body and its possibilities in expressing itself through geometry in space. Another atypical principle is a gesture in a physical posture and the quality of movement associated with it. In my work, I use the body  mime corporel technique, yoga principles and Qigong principles.


Body and Material

​The course develops the relationship of the performer's living body in contact with inanimate matter. It focuses on the physical articulation of speech and on the memory of the material. Material memory as a memory evoked from the impulse of physical contact of the body with the material. It awakens associations, memories, emotions and ideas in the human mind. It works with imagery that is a manifestation of the touch of two bodies - the human body and the researching material. It offers possibilities and approaches to animate inanimate material by using one's own physical body in movement and puppet theatre. ​




Progressive Body


The course focuses on body awareness through anatomy in motion. It works with the movement of bones and joints, with gestures of the whole body in geometry, in statics and in space, with various qualities of movement and awareness of muscle tone. It develops imagination and leads to self-expression through movement. ​ ​





Meditation in dance

​ It works with a relaxing movement that leads to an improvised dance. It deepens the sensitivity of the body, calms the mind, stops in the present. The lesson is a combination of the practice of chi kung, yoga and dance principles. ​ ​










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